Who are these people?

Isa likes ice cream. She likes words and beautifully crafted sentences and she takes things too seriously. Isa does most of the writing and this was all her’s idea to begin with. You can reach her at: Isa[at]LykkeH.dk

Jonas is an IT-ninja and strangely religious about Windows products. He is kind and thoughtful unless you get between him and a burger. He didn’t like the “get-rid-of-all-the-stuff” part but undoubtedly he will be the one coping best with our new lifestyle (because he always copes best) You can reach him at: Jonas[at]SommerNielsen.dk

We both love movies and have made it an unofficial tradition to visit the local cinema every time we go someplace new. We also both have a couple of years to make up for when it comes to eating good food, so we intend to do that. A lot. Other than that our plans are non-existing. We will go where chance takes us and leave when we tire of it. We will do what feels right

Welcome and we hope you enjoy!