90 Days Of Action

“Something has to change” I was sitting in the passenger seat of our small, Japanese rental car, halfway through a bag of 7-eleven chips, miscellaneous rapping paper scattered around my feet. We had been travelling for a month and all intentions of living healthy had pretty much gone out the window. Which was fine – we had looked forward to this trip for a long time and we were having fun, but now it was time to start doing something healthy again. I didn’t feel good without my weekly gym sessions and despite the fact that 7-eleven in Japan is WAY ahead of everywhere else (obviously) when it comes to healthy food options the amount of junk food had reached a level were I just didn’t feel comfortable with it any more. Something had to change.

I started researching for workouts online and stumbled upon darebee‘s 90 Days Of Action – a no-equpment-90-days-fitness-programme designed to make you do a workout every day, building up your entire body.

Being used to “only” hitting the gym 2-3 times a week we were both a little hesitant at first, but decided to give it a go. Day one we did a few lunges and some squats in a our little hotel room in Naha, Okinawa. Since then we have burpee’ed in public parks, crunched in filthy camp ground toilets, done very crammed push-ups in very tiny Japanese dorm rooms, made fools of ourselves in various parking lots and even done workouts on two different mountains in two different countries!

Being awesome on Mt. Misen in Japan
Being awesome on Mt. Misen in Japan

One week ago we finished with 150 push-ups. I can’t believe it but I have worked out every.single.day for 3 months! I didn’t even know I was capable of doing that! It definitely wasn’t always fun, but it quickly became a habit and I found that when you take out the “should-or-shouldn’t” element out of a workout it’s way easier to just go ahead and do it (how great is Shia btw?)

The best part? The website and all the content in there is all completely free! If you find the website useful though, consider making a donation. Everyone working on the project is volunteering their time and expertise, but it still isn’t free running a website. We donated the equivalent of one moths gym membership and considering we both worked out every day for 90 days I’ll say we got almost a years worth of training programmes already!

3…2…1… ACTION!

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