Ode to Osaka

On arrival you stole our hearts
with your quiet charm and your street smarts
you’re vintage in an old school way

Osaka you make our day!

Owls and cats and dogs and maids
in Osaka you can make all kinds of trades
just as we think we have you all figured out
you throw us a curve ball

Osaka you simply have it all!

Ozumo wrestlers big and – bigger
you have to you a certain vigor
your streets are bustling but feel like home

But Osaka, what’s up with all the styrofoam? (That’s really not good for the environment, you know)

Old and new stand side by side
we take in you a kind of pride
we’re gaijins here – we know, we know

But Osaka, boy do you know how to put on a show!

Okonomiyaki in our favourite spot
where the company’s good and the plates are hot
you keep us coming back for more

Osaka you always have something good in store!

On top of it all: a city prairie
Harukas’s heights can feel kind of scary
but you look even more spectacular from the 60th floor

Osaka you’re such an attention wh**e!

Otoro available right there in your streets
side by side delicious eats
ramen, tempura, udon  – oh the joys!

Osaka you have us spoiled for choice!

On and on and on it goes –
the sushi train where tuna, shrimp and salmon flows
you never served us anything crappy

Osaka you make our bellies happy!

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