A Legendary Oscar Party

We looked at each other desperately. Was this it? Had we exhausted all our options? I couldn’t believe it – how could this be happening? Could it really be, that we were going to miss the most important event of the year? Could it really be that we were going to miss – The Oscars?!

Okay okay, I know this might seem like a bit of an overreaction. After all it is just a TV-show. But the thing is; we don’t dress up for Halloween. We don’t go out on Valentines Day. We don’t care much for the New Year. But watching the Oscars, that’s Our Thing (and, I guess, a couple other people’s Thing but that’s beside the point)

So after having unsuccessfully tried different kinds of streaming services and having made our friends and family promise to try and record it for us, we decided that we should at least have some sort of celebration. Because of the time difference the Oscar wasn’t until Monday morning on the 23rd, so Sunday evening on the 22nd we raided the nearest 100yen store for balloons and DIY garlands, put on our nicest clothes (which wasn’t so nice after all, but you have to give us points for trying) and turned Momonga Village into Shikoko’s very own Hollywood Boulevard!

Valerie on garland duty
Valerie on garland duty

Back to front: Ian, Shun, Babee, Jonas, Isa, Victoria and Valerie
Back to front: Ian, Shun, Babee, Jonas, Isa, Victoria and Valerie

We discussed re-watching The Theory of Everything but decided on Birdman instead, since non of us had seen it before. It ended up winning everything, so I guess it was a lucky pick.

We had such a great night and then … well to be honest we all got piss-drunk on cheap, leftover saké and when I woke up the next morning (in Victoria and Valerie’s room) I was still drunk. And thus begun one of the worst hangovers of my life.

Blissfully unaware of the hangover that lies ahead...
Blissfully unaware of the hangover that lies ahead…

It wasn’t all bad though because 15 min. before the Oscar show started, Jonas managed to sign us up for TV2’s streaming service and we watched THE WHOLE SHOW with only like 3 fall-outs!

So a tip for all you new travellers out there: make sure to always bring an IT-guy on your trip. It’s sure to make everything just a little bit more … legendary! 😉

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