This Week In Japanengrish

Everyone knows that half the joy of travelling in non-english speaking countries – and Asian ones in peticular – is the sheer abundance of Engrish. In this article John Spacey argues that it stops being funny after you have been here for a while. But clearly we havn’t been here long ’cause I still find these hysterically funny:

The first thing you have to do is to wake. the second thing you have to do is to look up the word “coherence”in a dictionary.

“Fashion & Make Your Style / The New Style, It’s Just For You / If You Want To Make Your Dream Come True, The First Thing You Have To Do Is To Wake”

Hitler agrees…

“If the result is beauty, the method is justified!”

You can’t slip out!

“The shock of “GYZA” again. You can’t slip out from the “GYZA” world of more high sense and edgy.”

This actually kinda makes sense …

“Contents: my face”

This was taken at the aquarium …

“Brought into the hotel, please refrain from”

Mind = BLOWN!

“These jellyfish usually live at the bottom of the sea without swimming under the sea”

We didn’t stay there …

“We prepare the floor for exclusive use of the woman”

To be continued.


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