Great stuff in Japan #1

Japan is all about the little differences. At first glance it might look very similar to what you’re used to, but once you start looking, you find things like this:

I had a laugh when I stumbled on these packs of sliced bread. I never wondered about the slice thickness of bread, but clearly i missed out on something in Denmark. Sliches in the 4-pack, is at least 3 x the normal size. Still I like the idea; A bread is 15 cm, now choose how many slices you want…

I still don’t get why they have these photo booths all over the place. They make “subtle” changes to the pictures, like slightly bigger eyes, or make you look more “caucasian”. And afterwards you can spiff up the image with text and graphics. In one place we found 6 – 9 booths packed together and they were obviously in use. It was fun though and a good souvenir.

As this was the day before Valentines Day it might be a special case, but I still think that individually packed strawberries running at 4,5 USD (~ 30 DKK) is a bit steep. They looked really good, but still…

The first public toilet I visited after 24 hours travel, was the one on the left. I didn’t learn until later that the seat is heated and it plays music. (Others shouldn’t be able to hear what you’re doing) And it can wash you “front” and “back”. I have to say it’s growing on me, even though I thought they were strange at first. This is the standard of most public toilets we have visited, and it makes me wonder what their private toilets look like.

At our hotel at the moment, the toilets look like the one on the right. I didn’t realize at first but the small sink is filling the cistern. That is, when you flush, the water starts running and you can wash your hands while the cistern fills up. Genius 🙂



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