Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Yesterday I cashed in on my Christmas present from Isa, a trip to Osaka Aquarium. One of the largest aquariums in the World, we spent 5 hours just walking through it. That’s when I noticed some funny things about the place. E.g. For every 30m there was a sign on the floor telling you 740m (to the exit), and a sign on the wall telling you 50m to next toilet. You wold never have to do more than turn your head to know exactly how far you were from basic necessities. And by basic necessities I mean a heated toilet seat with build in bidet and music and a sink with integrated soap dispenser and hand dryer.

The aquarium was structured with habitats from the Ring of Fire going around the Pacific Ocean. With a huge 9 m deep tank in the middle, containing a whale shark and manta rays. You go down in a spiral around the tank and see all climates ranging from the Antarctic with pinguins to tropical with Sloths.

The acrylic glass panes in the big Pacific Ocean Tank is 30 cm thick and weighs 314 tons in total.

Some of the deep sea creatures were quite scary. I wouldn’t want to meet one of these craps in a dark alley.

Most of the animals looked like they were fine, but off cause it’s hard not to feel a bit sad when you see the penguins which look like they were taken straight from the zoo scene in Happy Feet.

These guys didn’t look too pleased either…

The otters looked like they were having a ball though. Sprinting around, jumping through the water and cuddling on a rock.

At the end of the day I must admit even though the whale shark was much smaller than expected (Quote: Isa) the Osaka Aquarium did kick Kattegatcentrets butt. (or at least it’s a lot bigger 🙂



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