Getting Our Ducks In a Row

The past two weeks have been all about the goodbyes and the see-you-not-so-soons. We’re all packed up (a little more than I would have liked – 15kg in stead of 9. But everything can not be 100% as Jonas so wisely reminded me, and I guess you can’t learn from your overpacking mistakes if you never make them) and now we have touched down in Brande with Jonas’ parents where we will be ’till we fly out of Billund early Tuesday morning. 

Update: we now also have travel insurance! And in case you were wondering, yes 3 days prior to departure is definataly the ideal time to buy such things.

Here’s a little peak at what we have been up to when we weren’t partying with our friends:

We put our savings in the bank. All the money from everything we have sold was in that pink pig, and we smashed it with a sledgehammer. It was exactly as awesome as it sounds, and when I tried to film it my iPhone stopped working. Obviously. 

We had last-days-at-work, and a bought a little something for my “side job” at Mindjuice. It took me by surprise how moved I was that day. I couldn’t stop sobbing whilst writing that letter.

Jonas insisted that he make the chocolate cake for his colleagues himself. So I made most of it and decorated it too. But you totally can’t tell when he’s the one in the picture right? Unfortunately we used some fancy RAW cocoa powder and it didn’t really taste good – but hey, on the bright side, it was super expensive…

The cake I made for my colleagues of course requires an entire slideshow. (I used the cheap cocoa powder btw. and it was delicious)

I got these flowers from my contact person at the firm that brings my firm lunch. Seriously. Needless to say I almost cried.

That was until I remembered I could now forever turn off this alarm from hell, which put me right back into my happy place.

But alas, the joy was only brief ’cause way too soon we had to pack up and leave our loving home in Harlev. Brian, Dorthe, Freja and Emma have become like a second family to us over the past couple of months and we felt so sad to leave but also really grateful for everything they have given us.
We made them fresh, Vietnamese spring rolls and brownie on our last night and then we all went and saw Wreck-it Ralph in their basement cinema. It was great.

One last group selfie for the road. I cried for an hour after this.

And then, yesterday, came the final pack-down. We managed to get everything we own into 5 boxes and 2 backpacks. 

Please note: Encircled is my clothes for an entire year!!! #Proud #ThisMeansICanGoShoppingInJapanRight? 

More later. /Isa

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