“But … what will you do?”

We’ve been getting this question a lot lately. And I realize it is a completely fair question to ask – even though we are certainly not the first nor the last people to do this, it is still rather unusual to sell all your stuff and go into the World without as much as a hint of a plan.

The thing is, though, that I often can’t seem to find an answer that would justify this craziness to them. And even if I do they’ll follow it up with an “oh … so what are you going to do afterwards?” 

Seriously, we haven’t even left yet. How would I know? Nobody knows what will happen ten minutes from now (no, you don’t) let alone a year.

I understand these are questions of love. People ask because they care and of course I have thought about this a lot too. And so, I have decided that my answer is this:

I don’t know yet. But I imagine we’re going to laugh and smile and fight and cry (out of stress and out of relief because not being able to communicate with anything but your hands and animal sounds (don’t ask) will do that to you). We are going to eat and get lost and watch movies in quirky movie theaters. Hopefully we’ll do yoga and read and write and take lots and lots of picture and I’ll draw and Jonas will become even more of a PowerShell ninja (nerd alert if you click on that link!).

We will see, hear, smell, taste and feel new things, broaden our horizons so to speak, and hopefully we’ll learn a thing or two along the way as well; About ourselves, about other people and cultures, about food and languages and foreign customs. And, I just realized, we are going to make complete fools of ourselves… But most of all?:

We’re going to live.

I hate to brake it to you guys, but you kinda only get this one chance to do it. I know this venture of ours is not everyone’s idea of a good time and at the risk of sounding hippy-dippy – that’s okay, you just go and do whatever makes you happy then. But for Christ’s sake do it. Do that thing that you’ve always dreamt of doing. Do it just for the sake of doing it. What better reason is there, really?

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