What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger … right?

So … it’s just me now. Actually it has been only me for two whole days, and I’m not dead yet – even though I came close last night.

Yesterday morning I woke up with yet another case of the not-so-yummi-tummy (sorry guys, but this shit happens when you travel) I have had this problem on-off since we got here, and I am getting pretty sick of it to be honest.

Yesterday morning was particularly bad timing though, since I was going on my long-expected-and-very-much-looked-forward-to-(and-already-paid-for) food tour with Jodi from LegalNomades. (If you don’t know this girl, check her out, she is the awesomest) Also, the day after (which is to say today) I had an 8 hour bus ride to Da Lat – don’t think that one needs further explanation.

So I ate a Ciproflexocain (a mild antibiotic) and treated myself to a morning in bed equipped with comfort food, plenty of water and a kindl, hoping it would get better come afternoon

It did, luckily, and I ended up having a wonderful time, of which I shall blog some later on.

BUT as it turns out Jodi, having travelled the world for 6 years, knew a thing or two about “Cipro” (that’s what the cool kids call it) Apparently you have to keep taking it even after your symptoms disappear or you could risk immunizing the bacteria. I had actually wondered about this, since that is normally the case with antibiotics, but our doctor hadn’t mentioned anything about it back home.

I didn’t really know if I should take a second one or not, but ended up doing so, just to be sure. Better safe than sorry, I thought. Well I got really sorry.

I woke up at 1.30am with severe stomach cramps. I really thought I would throw up or pass out on the bathroom floor as I felt all blood leave my face. I tried to go back to the dormitory to get some water in the fridge but I just ended up lying down in the middle of the room breathing hard as I pictured myself spending the rest of my holiday in a Vietnamese hospital. I finally got up and decided to wake one of the guys I had spoken to earlier, but luckily at that moment Lee, one of the owners, walked into the room.

He took me outside and as soon as I told him about the pill, he asked if I had eaten anything. I told him yes, two hours before I took the pill and felt kind of foolish as he smiled at my stupidity and quickly found some bread and water for me to eat.

After that I felt much better and was able to get a few more hours of sleep before the bus ride (which went fine by the way)

I read afterwards that stomach cramps is one of the rearer side effects of taking Cipro, so I won’t be doing that again unless I really, really have to!


For the next couple of days I’ll be in Da Lat, hanging out with a Swedish couple I met on the bus. If the weather (which is colder and rainier up here) permits, we will be doing some sightseeing and some mountain hiking before heading out to Na Trang for some beach bum’in.

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