Dead snowman’s funeral (a photo essay)

I can’t believe it, but somehow I survived. Though mild as ever the winter at times seemed never-ending, but today I saw the first crocus flowers and yesterday I took a long, deep breath of fresh air, and the day before that I heard a bird and the day before that again I stood outside and I thought to myself: “Spring is here”. And now it is.

I thought February would be awful – ’cause you know, it is – but especially in the light of our Californian road trip last year which deprived us of this horrible month. But somehow both January and February ended up going by really fast, and I have even found myself enjoying being home to witness all the small changes that eventually add up to that feeling of complete freedom and joy which to me is Spring.

This month was for:

Building a giant snowman in our backyard

Going to snowman funerals all over our neighborhood

Updating my wardrobe (I wish)

Finally finishing my post on how to make these


Starting our Vietnam boot-camp (aka hurting our calves):

And last but not least, freaking out over just how much Jonas’s niece looks like him (from the left: Jonas, Silke and Jonas)

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