Lykken er … The Ultimate Packing List

I don’t exactly love packing (at all) But I do care about it (a lot) Whenever I go traveling I spend loads of time thinking about what to pack, what to leave and what to buy once I get there. Vietnam is no different. And also – surprise – I have a system for this.

Over the cause of many past trips I have developed the Ultimate Packing List. It’s rather genius if I do say so myself (though I’m not sure it’s very original)

The idea is that it’s much easier to cross the things you don’t need off a list than it is to remember everything each time you go traveling. So what I’ve done is that I’ve made a list and every time I need to pack for a trip I just rename the list and delete all the things I don’t need – and also, if I’m bringing something I haven’t before, I add it to the original.

This way I now have a list with almost everything you could need for a trip, and it’s yours to steal away right here (you’re welcome)

Some side notes:

  • I’m not a skier, so if your vacation is taking you to colder places than Denmark, it might need some additions. All the basics are there though.
  • Also as you will soon discover from the content; I am a girl, and therefor girly things occur on the list. Feel free to replace then with manly things such as … hammers and scotch. (What do I know?)
  • The essential thing to notice here is that you have to delete stuff from the list. Otherwise you’ll have a hard time fitting it into a suitcase – let alone a backpack.
    These are ALL the things I’ve brought for ALL of my past trips. Sometimes you need make-up and high heels – Headed to Costa Rica? Maybe replace it with the mosquito net.

Happy packing and see you out there!

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