A change on LykkenEr …

So, I decided to anglify my blog. 3 reasons for this:

  1. English makes me think more freely
    I have found that when faced with a difficult decision I tend to “discuss” the matter in my head (how crazy do I sound right now?) in english. I don’t know why but my theory is that it defferentiates myself a little bit from the situation and thus making it possible for me to get a new perspective (and use a more foul vocabulary hah!)
  2. Practice
    Since I went out of school I havn’t really used my english. It’s a shame ’cause hence the above I actually like writing and speaking english. This way I create an opportunity for myself to make an effort, dig out some of that hard-earned knowledge and put it to good use.
  3. Friendships
    I have no intentions of becomming a big famous international blogger (duh) I do however hope, that I will travel the world and meet new people and that some of these people might even become frinds of mine, and the fact that my blog is in english would undoubtly make it easier for them to read along should the feel like it.

I’ll keep the name “LykkenEr” mainly for practical reasons, but also I quite like it and the fact that I’m danish transpires nicely this way 🙂

Of course the old posts will still be here and you can still search for them in the search bar  using danish tags such as “jul” or “fløde” 😉

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