Iceland in pictures

I’ll be honest. The task of coming back to a blog after 1 month of silence and having literally hundreds of stories and several thousand photos to chose from is overwhelming. So I will start slow and maybe there will be more and maybe there will be less. But here are pictures from Iceland, a country that is like a distilled version of everything Scandinavian

90 Days Of Action

“Something has to change” I was sitting in the passenger seat of our small, Japanese rental car, halfway through a bag of 7-eleven chips, miscellaneous rapping paper scattered around my feet. We had been travelling for a month and all intentions of living healthy had pretty much gone out the window.

Pictures from our Epic Roadtrip of The South

On request from Parents here’s a “little” picture-update on what we’ve been up to since we landed in The States. The reason we’ve been off the grid lately is that … well we have literally been off the grid. We bought a tent and have been living in The Great Outdoors (not really we stay at camp grounds, but it still counts!) for a couple of weeks now which has been both challenging and rewarding but more on that later (maybe). Now: PICTURES!

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