Multithreading using jobs

Often I have had to check something against all servers or clients. A classic problem and every time I run into the it it’s time consuming and running the job multithreaded would be nice.

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First “tech” post

Happy Buddha
Happy Buddha

I thought I might add a little nerdiness to the blog. As this is my first post, I will start off light. I have been meddling around with the site. Trying to tidy it up a bit, with links to our different social media sites. I ended up with 3 standard links in the bottom. It was quite fun to google the different brand’s brand assets and guidelines. It turns out that twitter for instance doesn’t allow speech bubbles with their bird and it is never shown in black (which was the template standard). I ended up removing the Facebook icon but did learn that you should capitalize it, and shouldn’t use the Facebook logo instead of the word in a sentence.

Back to the site. Isa brought me this tiny happy Buddha after our trip to Vietnam. He is really cute and I’m still considering, if he should go with us. I never really liked the Squarespace standard, so now you might recognize him from the sites favicon. 

He will also help you if you get lost. (Try loading it multiple times) This way he will be with us in the spiritual form, watching over the site and us, which makes me happy. As we are big fans of Black Books it was obvios that we needed quotes from The Little Book of Calm, and Isa helped picking out a bunch of relaxing quotes. Like the one below witch seems fitting at the moment.

Take alle the time in the world.

Contrary to what you may tell yourself, you have all the time in the world to do whatever you choose.

What cannot be fitted in to your day, cannot be done – forget about it.

— The Little Book of Calm

Though I guess my favorite must be:

Pretend it is Saturday

— The Little Book of Calm